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Welcome to Union Street School


Union Street School is the educational home of third, fourth, and fifth graders in Springfield,Vermont. We have nearly 300 students, 32 certified staff, and 30 or more support staff, which consists of Para-educators, instructional assistants, secretaries and/or clerks, kitchen staff, and janitors. The students and staff at Union Street believe in “Living the DREAM!”


Our professional educators created a behavior and safety program for the entire school

community called “DREAM”. “DREAM” is an acrostic that is used as a reminder of the

expectations for all persons. “DREAM” stands for:

Do your best!

Responsible behavior

Empathy for others

Active Learning

Make a difference!


The “Live the DREAM!” program has made a wonderful difference in students’ success rate of behavior and safety. We welcome folks to stop in, visit, and observe our school community. The best time to see all students and staff at one time in one location “Living the DREAM!” is during our “Fresh Start” activity. “Fresh Start” is held each first day of a new week in the gym from 9:00-9:20 AM.


Other exciting changes are taking place this year at Union Street School. Last year for the first time Union Street joined other schools in our district and the state of Vermont as a school needing to create a restructuring plan. This meant that our past identification by the State of Vermont as a “School of Needs of Improvement” now had more stringent requirements. One of the requirements was to design a restructuring plan for the school.


During the 2012-2013 school year we revised our School Improvement Plan and created our new Restructuring Plan. The plan is a State and Federal mandated requirement because Union Street School had not made Adequate Yearly Progress, (AYP) at a rapid enough rate. At this time Union Street School has been identified as not meeting the Reading and Math requirements for all students, free/reduced lunch students, students with disabilities, and white students.


The academic goals for the school remain the same as specified in the Student Handbook.

However, additional structures and supports have been created and will be embedded this year. Student academic achievement data will be monitored and reported to the families each trimester. Monitoring of the Restructuring Plan will be an on going process and assessed at trimesters. Families of Union Street will be updated of student achievement in relationship to our Restructuring Plan. A copy of the Restructuring Plan is enclosed in the student packet.


The entire staff of Union Street School is committed to student success and will strive to educate our children. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please call 885-5155 and our office

personnel will assist you.

Building Bridges


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Author's Nite

Thursday, 2/14/13 2nd Annual Author's Night at Union Street School from 4:30 to 5:30! All 300 students have written and illustrated their own book that was sent to print.  The 5th graders wrote their "memoirs"....they have had 10 to 11 years of living to put in those memoirs.  The third and Fourth graders addressed an assortment of topics in their books.  The public is welcome and invited to share in our celebration of reading & writing.

Friday, 2/15/13 It is spirit day and the Annual ReadAThon at Union Street School in Springfield...the theme is "read my t-shirt".  The entire school, volunteers from the community will share their love for reading and raise funds for future school activities.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are again asking their friends and families to sponsor them.  They hope to earn money for each hour (six total) they spend listening to books and engaging in reading activities.  

The students will rotate by class though five different activities, hearing (among other things) a humorous biography, math tales and scarey stories.  They may engage in poetry slam (the acting out of poetry) and dramatic reading (acting out stories), and learning about diversity and children around the world.  This is an exciting way to send students off on their February vacation, we hope that they will be be inspired to read!


Students Featured On WCAX Books Over Breakfast

Two creative young authors and students from Union St School were featured on the WCAX Books Over Breakfast program.  They presented and discussed the book that they had written and illustrated.

From WCAX - "We feature Vermont writers on our morning show every week -- but this week, we met some budding authors who are chasing the literary dream early. Students at Union Street Elementary in Springfield, Vermont wrote, illustrated, and sent books off to the printer. Some 200 fourth and fifth grade students wrote their own books, while four third-grade classes worked together to create books. Two of the students -- Owen Parillo and Bailey Beebe -- told us on the Channel 3 News Wednesday morning the illustrations were the hardest part, and thinking up story ideas was fun. The books will be unveiled for friends, family, and the community Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 at the school. And for students, this was just a warm-up for their all-day read-a-thon on Friday to raise money for their school."

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Availability to Access Supplemental Educational Tutoring Services

Contact Robin Bickel for further information

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Transportation Information

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